Rozar's is now shipping Velox Spray-on Bed Liner products. We've sold a lot of bed liner products in the past, and this is by far, the best product with the best application process. The dual-chambered -cartridge system makes it possible to apply a two-part coating without any mixing or cleanup. Just snap the cartridge into the gun, allow it to flow through the mixing tip, turn the air on and spray. It dries on contact. The end result is a product identical to OEM standards. (Dealerships use the same product in a two-barrel mixing-system.) The product never touches any part of the gun, and the cartridges and tips are disposable. The non-toxic product can be shipped as non-hazardous materials. An experienced applicator can complete a truck in two hours, prep and all. We'll get you started. One case contains six cartridges, enough for one truck. We'll rebate the cost of the gun after your 16th job. We also have advertising materials available. The gun includes an instructional DVD. It is highly recommended that you spray a practice panel before applying. Call 1-800-647-0623 to order.